Wildfire Protection Measures

Wildfire risk is moderate to high across areas of Perry Park. The grassland fire in our fire district on February 23, 2024 burned 153 acres and required 100+ firefighters from eight agencies to extinguish, reinforcing that wildland fires can happen at any time and location. As residents living in forest settings, we can prepare for wildfires by mitigating risks and impacts of fire.

Here are things we recommend our residents to to protect both your property, your life, and the community:

  • Mitigate (remove, trim) vegetation within 50 yards of structures and which line access roads onto your property. It is also important to heavily mitigate ladder fuels, such as Gambel oak, tall grass, and branches less than six feet above the ground, allowing fire to climb from ground level into the pine trees. https://csfs.colostate.edu/wildfire-mitigation/

  • Use Douglas County's Slash Disposal & Mulch Pickup Program which runs every Saturday starting in April and ending in October to drop off your slash and yard waste throughout the year. Use Perry Park's Bi-Annual Slash Pickup Program appropriately (see links for details of what qualifies) when it runs twice a year.

  • Harden your home from fire embers. During the Black Forest fire, >80% of the homes destroyed had ignited by embers far from the main fire. Vent screens into attics and eves should have a mesh opening of <1/8th inch. Caulk seams and cracks that embers could lodge into. Places where snow accumulates in a blizzard are where the embers will accumulate. Remove flammable material from these spots e.g. gutters and roof vents. https://www.nfpa.org/education-and-research/wildfire/firewise-usa

  • Discuss with your neighbors the potential of wildfire in the area and specific plans to reduce risk around your homes, as fire doesn't respect lot boundaries! Sharing costs and efforts can help us protect ourselves and each other.

  • Conducting outdoor open fires within our fire district requires a permit. Contact LFPD at 303-681-3284 to request a permit. Let your neighbors know that you will have a permitted outdoor fire.

  • Register for CodeRED and know your Emergency Contacts - both at this link.

  • Verify that your home address number is marked when seen from the road.

  • Register the gate code onto your property for emergency personnel at: https://dcsheriff.net/sheriffs-office/divisions/support-services/gate-codes/

  • Be prepared year-round to evacuate on short notice. Know your primary and secondary evacuation routes so well that you can follow either of them at night or in dense smoke conditions. Have a pre-packed "Go Bag" containing essential personal belongings, i.e. medications, irreplaceable documents, special dietary items, infant-care items, and cell phone chargers. Living in our area, it is good planning to always have at least a half tank of fuel in your vehicle when at home. 

  • Have a home evacuation plan. Make sure everyone in the household knows the location to where you will evacuate and meet up, especially children.

  • Make accommodations for pets and livestock.

  • Have transportation or other mobility assistance as necessary. If you have special needs, Douglas County has a special needs database - see our Emergency Contacts page.

  • Adjust your insurance policy coverage to be ready for wildfire loss. Read this article from Wayne Moore about fire relevant insurance policy matters. Meet with your insurance agent to review and update your policies. It is important to have documentation of items within your home and the exterior. Make a video or take pictures showing everything of significance that you own and store this in a location secure from fire.

These items are only some of the ways that we can plan for wildfires. To request a home fire mitigation review or to discuss wildland fire preparations, please contact the LFPD Fire Marshal at 303-681-3284.