District Board

The Metropolitan District Board’s functions are governed by a set of Bylaws approved by the Board of Directors. The Boards areas of responsibilities are defined by a Service Plan authorized by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners.

Members of the board are each elected to a term of 4 years. Elections to the Board are held in May of odd numbered years. Board applicants must be a registered voter in the State of Colorado, and must either own property within the Metropolitan District's boundaries or reside within the Metropolitan District.

The Board of the Perry Park Metropolitan District currently consists of five members:


Title Name Term Expiration Date Contact
President Christian M. Warren May 2025 Chris.Warren@perrypark.org
Vice President Darren Hill May 2027 darrenhill@perrypark.org
Treasurer Jill Arthurs May 2025 jillarthurs@perrypark.org
Secretary Steven Ostrowski May 2025 Steve.Ostrowski@perrypark.org
Assistant Secretary Joseph Brickweg May 2027 joe.brickweg@perrypark.org
General Board Contact n/a n/a info@perrypark.org 


The following is a list of the general and specific responsibilities of each Director:

COMMITTEE:                                                               CHAIR / LIAISON                       

Firewise Committee:                                        Darren Hill /Joe Brickweg

    Fire Education, Fire Remediation / Grants, Slash Collection Program


Events / Activities Committee:                        Chris Warren


Parks / Ponds / Open Space Committee:       Jill Arthurs / Steve Ostrowski

    Wauconda Park, Giloon Pond & Park, Big "D" Open Space, Gateway Pond & Open Space


Road Maintenance Committee:                       Chris Warren


InterAgency Coordination Committee:           Chris Warren / Joe Brickweg


Communications Committee:                          Steve Ostrowski / Darren Hill

      Website, Social Media Outlets, and Surveys


Finance / Administration Committee:          Jill Arthurs / Chris Warren

     Financials, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Banking / Investments


Special Projects Committee:                          Jill Arthurs

     Entry Design Committee