Bi-Annual Slash Pickup Program


Slash Pickup

The Perry Park Metropolitan District’s Board of Directors has contracted with the new owners of M. R. Hauling to pick up the slash but new rules are now in place.  Please make sure to read all of the following so that your slash is picked up at no cost to you.  The Perry Park Metropolitan District provides two annual “Slash” pickups in order to promote resident mitigation and provide added protection from the spread of fires.  M. R. Hauling picks up Zone 1-4 for four weeks beginning June 1 and again October 1.

“Slash” in general is defined as landscape cuttings removed during mitigation to reduce risk of wildfire spread.

Slash Includes:

  • Brush and Scrub Oak
  • Cut tree branches no larger than 4″ in diameter and no longer than 4 feet

Slash DOES NOT include:

  • Logs or Tree Stumps
  • Pine Needles
  • Rocks or Metals
  • Trash or Furniture or Recyclables
  • Railroad Ties
  • Construction Materials or Boards
  • Bagged Material
  • Home Construction Lot Clearing Debris

Any piles containing non-slash items will not be picked up!


How To Put Out Slash For Pickup

Slash should be placed at the curb side near, but NOT on, the asphalt road and NOT on a paved surface. Material should be in a single concentrated pile, stacking the pile HIGH, not long; the higher the better! Any piles smaller than 2 cubic yards should be combined with your neighbor’s pile as tiny piles and individual tree branches will not be picked up! 2 cubic yards is the size of a large refrigerator, 3 ft X 3 ft x 6 ft.

One (1) pile of slash per resident.  Combine piles with neighbors.

Please DO NOT place piles directly under power lines, near gas meters, phone and utility pedestals or mail boxes.

Be aware the slash pickup truck must be stabilized at each stop and the truck’s loader arm has a limited reach.

A representative of the board will come around about 2 weeks before your Zones scheduled pick up to check your pile.  If the pile does not comply with the rules above, a notice will be given to the resident on what does not conform. The resident has until the truck comes around to make sure the pile conforms.  If the pile still does not conform, it will not be picked up. The resident will then have to make arrangements to take the pile to the dump (not the communities slash pile that the Metro District has).  This can cost the resident up to approximately $500 and still may not be accepted by the dump depending on what is in the pile. Residents can also contact us at and ask for a meeting to discuss location of the pile and contents at any time.


The Pickup Schedule and When To Put Out Your Slash

Slash is picked up twice a year, the first beginning on June 1 and the second on October 1.  In order to assist residents in their mitigation planning, the pickup is organized into 4 separate zones over 4 weeks.


Zone Week in June & October
1 1st
2 2nd
3 3rd
4 4th


Please do not stack your cuttings or place slash piles curbside prior to 30-days immediately preceding the scheduled slash pickup. 

The slash must be in place prior to arrival of the slash truck.  There will be NO repeat pickups to an area once it has been served!

Slashed placed at the curbside after the pick-up has occurred and will remain there until the next scheduled seasonal pick-up. The Fire Department has expressed concern over the potential fire danger of remaining slash piles. Please don’t put yourself and your neighbors at an unnecessary risk!

Slash pickup and removal is performed by M.R. Hauling (303-919-1996). Residents may hire M.R. Hauling, or other sources, to remove slash before or after scheduled pickups

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please Report Your In-Kind & Mitigation Hours

The Metro District applies for yearly grants to assist in Fire Mitigation efforts throughout Perry Park.  Part of the requirements to receive these grants, is proof to the Grantees, of the massive effort the District and its citizens undertake.  We request that you download the Mitigation Log below, fill in your approximate mitigation efforts, and return the log to the Metro District. The more you provide support, the more likely the availability of grants for our future efforts!

pdfdown_30  Mitigation Log & Instructions

Hours and dollars spent can be submitted by completing the Online Mitigation Form.