Wildfire Mitigation

Mitigation is Perry Park’s key method to reduce fire risk! The Metro District and individual resident efforts have in the past, and continue now, to make us one of the leading Firewise Communities in the country.

Each year the Metro District implements mitigation efforts to our surrounding areas using both procured grants as well as District funds. The overall plan provides for a major slash removal effort every 10 to 15 years along with annual maintenance to keep growth in check.

Why Should I Mitigate?

  • To better protect the life safety of our community residents and firefighters, as well as protect your property, your neighbor’s property, and our community during a wild fire.
  • To protect our Perry Park lifestyle beyond a wildfire event and to elevate wildfire mitigation efforts to a community scale. increasing the effectiveness for all residents.
  • To enhance the ability for all to obtain reasonably priced home owners insurance.
  • It’s not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN“!