Perry Park Evacuation Drill Announcement - August 26, 2023

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Perry Park Evacuation Drill Announcement
August 26, 2023

Perry Park Evacuation Drill Set for August 26th

The Perry Park Metro District (PPMD), in partnership with Douglas County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management (DCSO-EM), will be conducting an evacuation drill for Perry Park residents on Saturday morning, August 26th. This will include testing of the Code Red notification system and northern evacuation route from Perry Park. To participate and receive the test notification, you must sign up at the following link to provide your name, address, email and cell phone number for the DCSO Dispatch Center.

Evacuation Drill Signup Link:

Signup deadline is August 10th. To participate, you must already be registered with Code Red at:

When notified, plan to evacuate as directed by the evacuation message. Be sure to listen to the entire message. A DCSO deputy will be sent to your residence as an alternative notification as part of the drill. Participants will be asked to report to the Evacuation Center (LFPD Main Fire Station or Larkspur Elementary School) to provide follow-up information on effectiveness of the system, amount of time it took for you to evacuate, and any issues you encountered. Again, be sure to listen to the entire message.

Please treat this as a good practice opportunity so you will be better prepared when the real event happens. Have a plan for your children, pets and any special-needs occupants. You can download a copy of the Perry Park Emergency Evacuation Guide at .