Emergency Preparedness

A fact of life of living in much of Colorado is the potential for wildfire. The Perry Park Metro District is dedicated to its prevention and the safety of its residents in times of emergencies.

To that end the board has worked with Douglas County to provide a second, emergency access road out of the Park.

In 2010, through the efforts of the county and in cooperation with a neighboring rancher, an emergency road was constructed that supplements the main road and facilitates access for incoming emergency vehicles. For a map of the evacuation routes, click on the Firewise Evac Guide link.

That same year the Perry Park fire station underwent extensive renovation by the Larkspur Fire Protection District and was upgraded to include 24-hour staffing of firefighters and EMS-trained personnel.

In 2011 the county conducted a training exercise in Perry Park consisting of over 40 area emergency services. Residents participated in this drill by learning how to prepare before the fact, what is needed if you have to leave your home, what routes to take and where to go once out of the Park. The participating emergency services became intimately acquainted with Perry Park and are well prepared for any future actions.

Important information on how to prepare and respond to fire emergencies can be found in the following link Wildfire-Checklist

evacuation route sign